How many lessons per level? 

10 lessons per level for 1hr 30min.

How much the cost for Japanese and Korean?
Japanese private 2,500 / Japanese group 2,000 
Korean private 2,400 / Korean group 1,900 
How many classes and how much time to complete?

10 classes in a week 2 classes, it takes 6 weeks.

Do we provide certificates? 

Yes, we provide certificates after passing the test.

What is the working hours and days for center? 

It's open from Sunday to Thursday, 3pm to 9pm.

Where is it located, "Hangul Nihongo Center(*click here)"? 
Located in Al-Thumama, near to B Square mall.
Do we have other branches in Doha? 

No, it is the only branch we have in Qatar. 

Do  we provide only girls group? 

Yes, we can have girls group.

Do we have website? 
Do we provide private tutor at home? 

No, we provide private tutor only at our center.

How many people in 1 group? 

Max 7 min 2 in 1 group.

How many levels in Japanese and Korean? 

10 levels in Japanese and Korean. 

Which other language do we provide? 
We provide only 2 languages, Japanese and Korean.
Is there any age limit? 

No age limit but for students under 14 years of age, please contact us.

Hangul Nihongo Center in Qatar

Korean and Japanese Language Institute

Al-Thumama, close to B Square mall

Email :

Contact Number : +974 3146-3000

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