Name : Hamad Al-Nesf​

Position : President of Center

Interest : Learning about cultures and sports

It started with a dream, a dream to have a place for learning the Japanese culture, developed into the center that we are in Today. 

I am Hamad Al-Nesf, owner of Hangul Nihongo Language Centre, if you haven’t seen our family on Qatar TV, I would suggest you to look us on Qatar Japan Television Documentary dated 3 March 2015 (Search it in Arabic Better).


We are a Qatari family that is so connected to the Japanese culture, and all the cultures of the world in general.

Just for the record myself and my sister were part of the first Youth Japan trip to Japan where we learnt a lot from that journey organized by the state of Qatar represented by Doha Youth Centre.

Starting from our beliefs -translated from the holy Quran- “and have made you into nations and tribes, so that you might come to know one another.” We as a family (you included 😊) into a journey of learning about different nations, languages, cultures and traditions that we want to have a place that is safe to guide us in that journey.

So, let me welcome you on board our ship that is setting sail into the next island where we will be gathering a lot of cultural treasures and goods to bring back “The Dana” to our beloved Qatar.

Name : Mahmoud Elamin

Position : Manager

Message: Language is a basic instinct. Learning new languages gives us a chance to know about other new cultures and discover the world of difference in such an exciting way. To feel the joy of acquiring new languages, we have to begin learning them in the suitable environment that we try to create in our center. You can begin now, it is never too late. 

Name : Hussam Yousif

Position : Accountant

Interest : 

Message : I used to be the president of the Japanese club at Qatar University and leader of AnimeQtr group. Making events and get fans together was always my passion and I hope that I can help with making HangulNihongo your second home.

Name : Kaori

Position : Japanese Instructor​

Interest : 

Message : 

Name : Uzma

Position : Receptionist 

Message: A individual who does precise guess work based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge. To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.

Hangul Nihongo Center in Qatar

Korean and Japanese Language Institute

Al-Thumama, close to B Square mall

Email :

Contact Number : +974 3146-3000

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